How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

You may not realize it, but your baby will be aware of things going on outside of the womb as soon as their senses develop. This means talking to them and building that connection before they are born can be a very important task. It might seem difficult to start building your life-long connection during […]

Baby Shower Tips

A baby shower gives you a brilliant excuse to get all of your loved ones together before the baby arrives. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our best hints and tips. If you’re not pregnant yourself but are attending a baby shower, don’t forget we’ve rounded up all our favorite new baby gifts […]

5 Tips for Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

Today’s guest post is from Ursula Wesselingh, founder of Room to Bloom, a UK based interior design company catering exclusively for children’s rooms. She gives us her tips on making the most out of your baby’s nursery to turn it into a stunning space that’s relaxing, fun and beautiful. And don’t forget to check out her Instagram for the most […]

New Mom Survival Tips

All first time mothers find the early weeks the hardest to get through. We have gathered some advice from our own JoJo moms to help you prepare for your new arrival. Hopefully you will find some nuggets of advice to help you enjoy this precious time. “Prepare batches of pre-cooked meals to freeze before your […]