Fun Jungle Themed DIY Party Ideas

JoJo is a tropical trove this season. Delve into the depths of our website to discover a collection of exotic jungle-themed pieces that are lots of fun for children to wear. To celebrate this month’s fabulous jungle campaign, we’ve been getting creative at our Head Office in London, coming up with some brilliant DIY ideas […]

Reducing Plastic Consumption Part 1: 6 Ways to Reduce Plastic Use as a Parent

Every day, plastic items that many of us take for granted and wouldn’t think twice about using end up in landfills, waterways, and ecosystems that are costing us our healthy environment and diverse marine life. Can you imagine a life without seabirds and turtles? We don’t even like to imagine it! That’s why we’ve come […]

A Stylish Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Cinco de Mayo is here! Are you planning on throwing a party to celebrate Mexico’s triumph over the French invasion all those years ago? Today on the blog, we’re sharing our best ideas for a fiesta, Mexican style. Including outfits, toys, food, and more. What to wear? Did you know that in the Yucatán Península […]

Baby Shower Tips

A baby shower gives you a brilliant excuse to get all of your loved ones together before the baby arrives. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our best hints and tips. If you’re not pregnant yourself but are attending a baby shower, don’t forget we’ve rounded up all our favorite new baby gifts […]