How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

You may not realize it, but your baby will be aware of things going on outside of the womb as soon as their senses develop. This means talking to them and building that connection before they are born can be a very important task. It might seem difficult to start building your life-long connection during […]

7 Pregnancy Cravings Explained

Pregnancy is full of the unexpected, and seems to affect almost every aspect of your being, even down to your food preferences. Although pregnancy cravings are far from uncommon, have you ever wondered why you’ve suddenly developed an insatiable appetite for dill pickles or can now handle a red-hot curry without breaking into a sweat? […]

What You Need to Know About Eating Your Placenta

Women eating their placenta after they have just given birth is no piece of news these days. With stars like the Kardashians, January Jones, and Katherine Heigl taking their placenta in the form of pills, this has become a world-wide trend that many new moms swear by. So, what’s it all about? What is the […]

12 Conditions to be Aware of During Pregnancy

In most cases, your pregnancy will be as smooth and uncomplicated as can be. But it’s worth knowing about potential problems, so that you can be prepared and quick to act if you spot any of the symptoms of these rare conditions. We’ve created this handy infographic, with all you need to know in one […]