All You Need to Know About the Third Trimester

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re probably pregnant and have made it through the second trimester – hopefully with minimum struggle getting used to all these changes! So, now you’re moving into the final and most exciting stage of your pregnancy – the third trimester, and the last few weeks before you finally get to […]

All You Need to Know About the Second Trimester

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, you’re probably pregnant and have made it through the first trimester – hopefully with minimum nausea-induced toilet visits! Although this is an exciting time and possibly the best news you could have received, we understand that it can also be extremely daunting. So, today on Little Extras we’re sharing […]

A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper

As part of this month’s ABC of Animals campaign, we spoke to Emily, owner of the Adventures in Beeland blog. Emily has kept bees in the UK for many years now and started her blog as a record for herself of her many beekeeping related tribulations and occasional successes. Today, we’re asking Emily a few […]

Kids and Scooters: Safety First!

Scooters seem to be taking over the world these days. There’s not a morning goes by where I don’t pass a family scooting to school (parents included) or get overtaken by a lone scooting adult heading to work. The small fraction of freedom, ultimate speed with two wheels, the bright colors and fun helmets and […]

Stretch & Save: All About Our Maternity Leggings

When you’re pregnant, total comfort is a must, but it can be hard to achieve. Investing in a few pairs of maternity leggings will be a game-changer for your maternity wardrobe and could even inspire you to try new looks as you team them with bold tunic dresses, flowy shirts and cozy sweaters. Did you […]

Safer Sleep Week: The Co-Sleeping Checklist

A survey of over 8,500 parents carried out by UK cot death non-profit organization The Lullaby Trust has shown that 76% of British parents have co-slept with their baby at some point. However, over 40% of parents admitted to having done so in dangerous circumstances such as on a sofa, having drunk alcohol or as […]

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