Practical Ways to Prepare for Bringing Your Baby Home

If your due date is fast approaching, take a look at our tips on how to prepare your home for your baby’s arrival, leaving you more time to marvel at the newest member of your family.

pregnant woman cooking

Assemble and learn how to use any gear before the birth

The stroller, car seat and bedside crib are things you’ve probably already set up but don’t forget about the smaller pieces of gear ahead of your baby’s birth. Try and think beyond the immediate couple of days after your baby arrives too – often the need for something arises unexpectedly. Whether it’s a formula maker, ear thermometer or baby carrier, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with any essentials and check everything is in good working order. The last thing you’ll need is to be fumbling around for the instructions at 3am.


Fill your freezer with meals

Clear out your freezer and fill it with prepared meals. Whether it’s ready meals, homemade recipes or ordered in, a good supply of pre-portioned meals that you can throw in the microwave or oven and eat one-handed will be a lifesaver. And don’t forget about the sides! Either cook and freeze portions of rice and pasta or buy enough store-bought pouches.


Set up a couple of diaper changing stations around your home

You’ll be changing your baby’s diaper 8-10 times a day so save yourself the hassle of trudging upstairs to the nursery for each change. Instead, invest in a couple of caddies (or even just use a couple of shoeboxes) and fill each of them with diapers, wipes, nappy cream and any other diaper-changing essentials you need. Place one in each of the areas of your home where you’ll be spending most of your time (e.g. your bedroom and living room). Include a muslin too and use it as an impromptu diapering mat.


Stock up your bedside table with night-time essentials

Sadly, there’s no avoiding the broken sleep in the early days but there are things you can do to make the experience a little easier and almost something to look forward to. Keep your creature comforts close to hand – be it earphones to listen to your favorite podcast with or a tasty snack to keep you going until breakfast. Chocolate at 4am is completely acceptable right now!


Don’t pre-wash every single piece of baby clothing

It’s a good idea to wash a load of vests and footies ahead of your baby’s arrival but resist the temptation to wash everything in your baby’s closet. If you’ve splurged on lots of adorable little outfits, you might find a lot of them will be left unused thanks to the rapid rate at which babies grow! So keep the tags on and only pre-wash what you need when it comes to non-essential items – you can exchange them later for larger sizes or even repurpose them as gifts for friends and family.