Which Carrier Type Suits Your Family Best?

Thinking about giving babywearing a try? Carriers are not only great for outdoor use, you can use them to carry your baby around the home too, to help them remain settled whilst keeping your hands free to get jobs done. Today, bestselling baby carrier brand Ergobaby are here to talk you through the different types […]

Annabel Karmel’s Top 10 Weaning Tips

As the title of my latest book Weaning Made Simple suggests, this book for me was all about taking things back to basics. When it comes to weaning, I think now more than ever there seems to be so much conflicting advice available to parents when it comes to embarking on their weaning journey. And there is […]

What to Expect When Weaning Your Baby – Those First Few Weeks! By Charlotte Stirling-Reed

Weaning your baby can definitely be an exciting, experimental and fun time. Today on Little Extras, Baby & Child Nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed joins us to talk all things weaning. Charlotte is really passionate about helping to boost parental confidence around introducing solid food to babies, in order to make it as enjoyable as possible for […]

At Home With Your Baby? Sing Like No One Is Listening!

Today on Little Extras, Angie Coates, founder and CEO of Monkey Music, discusses the value of music on baby and toddler development.