10 Tips for on Dads Preparing for Labor

Happy Father’s Day! This year we’re focusing on all you dads-to-be by sharing our top tips on how to prepare for the big day. If you’re feeling anxious about not knowing what to do to help your partner during this exciting but also terrifying time, you’ll want to read this post. Get ready to take […]

10 Tips to Help You Decide on a Baby Name

Choosing the right name for your new baby can be really tricky, especially if you have a long list of names that you like the sound of. Some expectant parents have a name chosen even before they’ve even conceived, but if you’re a little less decisive, use our tips to help you decide. 1. Does […]

How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

You may not realize it, but your baby will be aware of things going on outside of the womb as soon as their senses develop. This means talking to them and building that connection before they are born can be a very important task. It might seem difficult to start building your life-long connection during […]

Baby Shower Tips

A baby shower gives you a brilliant excuse to get all of your loved ones together before the baby arrives. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for our best hints and tips. If you’re not pregnant yourself but are attending a baby shower, don’t forget we’ve rounded up all our favorite new baby gifts […]