International Day of the Girl: Inspiring quotes by strong women to share with your daughter (or son)

Today is International Day of the Girl, as decreed by the United Nations. Although we’ve come a long way in closing the gender gap over recent years, there is still a lot to be done both at home and internationally to address the unique struggles that girls and young women will face.

Life Hacks from the JoJo HR Team: World Mental Health Day 2019

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2019, we’re sharing some useful life hacks from our HR team. Every week, on the JoJo intranet, our I.T Support Bruno uploads a new ‘#LifeHack of the Week’ to inspire our teams and help us combat life’s daily stresses. Have a read below to see what the JoJo teams […]

Upcycling: How to Reuse Old Cans & Rain Boots

Our latest campaign: Grow with JoJo, is all about development and the amazing ways that nature flourishes around us. We love the magical look on our little one’s faces when they go down into the garden and see the flowers they’ve spent weeks watering finally bloom, and the vegetables sprouting in the community garden. What […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Vegetable Patch

At the JoJo London Head Office, you’ll find more than computers, samples and the occasional dog running around; we’re also proud owners of vegetable patches! With meat having such a huge effect on climate change, the United Nations has stated that a global shift towards a vegetarian or vegan diet is becoming increasingly necessary. It’s […]