Foraging in Parks 2: Foods to Pick this Summer

Foraging can be an excellent way to show children that food doesn’t come straight from the packet or grocery store and onto their plate – it takes a whole lot of work from mother nature, farmers, couriers etc. before it even reaches the shelves. You can teach them all about this by getting out and […]

10 Good Examples to Set for Your Child

Usually without you noticing, your mini-me will be picking up on every little thing you say and do. Children lead by example, and sadly this is often the most neglected form of teaching. If you’re one of those parents who’s suffered the “I need some effing candy” outburst in the supermarket and wondered where your […]

20 Effortless Ways You Can Help Save Our Planet

Saving the planet might seem like a huge, impossible task, but in reality there are so many small things that if we all do together would have a really big impact. So if today, on World Environment Day, you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint but aren’t sure where to start, we’ve compiled a list […]

Fun Jungle Themed DIY Party Ideas

JoJo is a tropical trove this season. Delve into the depths of our website to discover a collection of exotic jungle-themed pieces that are lots of fun for children to wear. To celebrate this month’s fabulous jungle campaign, we’ve been getting creative at our Head Office in London, coming up with some brilliant DIY ideas […]