Fun Facts for Kids About Penguins & Polar Bears

Winter has truly arrived, and who is probably most happy about this? The polar bears and penguins, of course! Today, we’re putting our arctic friends in the spotlight – check out our adorable collection and learn some fun facts to share with your kids when they wear their favorite penguin Christmas sweater from JoJo.

Bedtime Routine Tips for 3 Kids of Different Ages with SJ Strum

Today on the blog, parenting vlogger SJ Strum is sharing her most practical and flexible tips for getting a smooth bedtime routine with 3 children of different ages. Check out the video and read through the tips below to help give your evening drill some consistency, so you have plenty of time left over to […]

Tips for Taking Children Swimming with SJ Strum

SJ Strum is back on the little extras blog to give us some handy tips for taking your little ones swimming. The pool can be a daunting trip first time around, especially if you have multiple children; parenting vlogger SJ knows that preparation is key and will be showing you how to pack and get […]

How to Get Your Child School or Pre-School Ready

If your little one is starting kindergarten or school soon, you may be wondering what the most important skills are for them to learn before they hit this next big milestone. Today on the blog we’re schooling YOU, with useful tips and advice on preparing for your child’s first day of school or nursery. From […]