4 Ways to Make Halloween Less Scary for Children

Halloween can be a tad scary for little ones. With all the realistic masks, costumes and eerie decorations that can give them a fearsome fright, we’ve decided to compile our 4 best ways to make the season a little less frightening for them. Check out our tips, and feel free to leave some of your […]

Health & Happiness 1: Getting More Veggies into Your Child’s Diet

The battle between your child and a plate of freshly steamed broccoli is as old as time. Every parent will get to the stage where their children refuse the perfectly round peas and awesomely yellow corn, but it’s something we all have to overcome at one time or another. Today as part of this month’s […]

Fun Facts About Our Furry Friend, Peter Rabbit

The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a British children’s book written and beautifully illustrated by Beatrix Potter, it’s loved by many families and mischievous children from all around the world, including JoJo who are proud to have an exclusive Beatrix Potter collection. The stories captivate the hearts and minds of youngsters as they follow an […]

Roar-some Dinosaur Facts for Kids

Here at JoJo, we love learning lots of new things about our favorite animals, so today we’ll be listing some cool dinosaur facts for you to teach to your children. From plant eaters to carnivores, we’ll be listing how long they lived, what they ate and how they roared!