Kids and Scooters: Safety First!

Scooters seem to be taking over the world these days. There’s not a morning goes by where I don’t pass a family scooting to school (parents included) or get overtaken by a lone scooting adult heading to work. The small fraction of freedom, ultimate speed with two wheels, the bright colors and fun helmets and […]

Why Reading Is so Important for Children

There’s nothing more comforting to a child than getting tucked into bed, snuggling up and getting a loved one to read them a bedtime story. Not only is it a great bonding activity to help little ones unwind before bed, it will also help improve their speech and language development too! To celebrate this year’s […]

Tips for a Smooth Transition to a ‘Big Kid’ Bed

When it comes to moving your little one from your bedside to their own bedroom, and then from a crib to a ‘big kid’ bed, there really are no rules. Each child will adapt to these changes differently. Location (or proximity) of the bedrooms, and whether or not your child has siblings can play a […]

Embracing Messy Mealtimes: The Why’s & How’s

You’re busy, on a time crunch, you need to clean up and there’s been an explosion of mini broccoli stems, puréed carrots and apple juice in the kitchen. If you have carpet wherever you feed your child, you could be faced with stains unless you’ve invested in a splash mat which somehow, they’ve managed to […]