Life Hacks from the JoJo HR Team: World Mental Health Day 2019

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2019, we’re sharing some useful life hacks from our HR team. Every week, on the JoJo intranet, our I.T Support Bruno uploads a new ‘#LifeHack of the Week’ to inspire our teams and help us combat life’s daily stresses. Have a read below to see what the JoJo teams […]

Recycle Week 2019: 5 Ways to Reuse Your JoJo Garment Bags

Did you know that the clear bags you receive your online orders in from JoJo can be recycled and reused in lots of different ways? We are reusing these bags in our warehouse and stores, in an effort to prolong their lives and cut back on single use plastics – look out for our sticker […]

10 Amazing Facts About Books

Most of us know we should be reading more, but with increasingly busy lives, it can be hard to fit into our day. That’s why we’ve rounded up some truly fascinating facts about books and reading – hopefully they’ll inspire you to pick up the latest bestseller or an old favorite when you can find […]

Back to School Traditions from Around the World

By now, the new school uniforms and shiny new stationery will have been bought just in time for your child’s first day of school. You’ll soon be taking the obligatory photos of your little one in their slightly-too-big school sweatshirt and shedding a small tear as you wave them off at the school gates for […]