Guest Post: Why it’s Important to Remember You Are Enough

Rachel Kelly is a writer, journalist and mental health campaigner who discusses her struggles with anxiety and depression (triggered after the birth of her second child) and how she went from not being able to do a single school-run for a year, to becoming a writer (best-seller Black Rainbow is about her depression) and mental […]

Foraging in Parks 1: The Do’s & Don’ts of Foraging

This month on Little Extras, we’re introducing the Foraging in Parks series. With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time to go exploring what natural wonders our beautiful country has to offer. As part of your days out, why not add in some foraging? Pack a few extra bags or a wicker basket, […]

10 Good Examples to Set for Your Child

Usually without you noticing, your mini-me will be picking up on every little thing you say and do. Children lead by example, and sadly this is often the most neglected form of teaching. If you’re one of those parents who’s suffered the “I need some effing candy” outburst in the supermarket and wondered where your […]

JoJo Volunteers: What We Do to Give Back

This week is Volunteers’ Week in the UK – a chance for us to say thank you for all the contribution volunteers make across the country. As part of the celebration, we’re sharing some of the wonderful ways our JoJo employees give back to their local communities, and in some cases, the rest of the world!  […]