Oliver’s Travels: Top 5 places to keep warm this spring

The chill of winter has lost its novelty, and daydreams of sunnier climes are creeping into your everyday thoughts. Not to worry – we’ve teamed up with Oliver’s Travels to show you that there are plenty of places to warm up and de-layer between March and June; it’s time to ditch the woolly hats in […]

Where 7 Popular British Holiday Traditions Originated From

With holiday celebrations and traditions well and truly underway, we thought we’d share some interesting insights into where some of the most popular British holiday traditions came from, and why we celebrate them. Read today’s blog to find out more about Christmas cards, the turkey dinner, festive movies and more! If you’d like to learn […]

Tips for Keeping Toddlers & Young Children Calm Over Christmas

Through all the excitement of eggnog and elves on shelves, sometimes we forget that the holidays can also become an overwhelming, over-stimulating time for children. From the pressure of being too naughty to receive a gift to the anxiety a plate of sprouts and roast carrots can bring, the burst of excitement come Christmas morning […]

Recycling This Holiday Season

Today on the Little Extras blog, we’re giving new meaning to ‘Green Monday’ by sharing some of our ideas for hosting a “responsible” Christmas and recycling during the festive period. Have you thought about which type of wrapping paper you’re buying? Is it recyclable? If  you’re looking for storage solutions or a new jacket for […]