A Day in the Life of a Beekeeper

As part of this month’s ABC of Animals campaign, we spoke to Emily, owner of the Adventures in Beeland blog. Emily has kept bees in the UK for many years now and started her blog as a record for herself of her many beekeeping related tribulations and occasional successes. Today, we’re asking Emily a few […]

Safer Sleep Week: The Co-Sleeping Checklist

A survey of over 8,500 parents carried out by UK cot death non-profit organization The Lullaby Trust has shown that 76% of British parents have co-slept with their baby at some point. However, over 40% of parents admitted to having done so in dangerous circumstances such as on a sofa, having drunk alcohol or as […]

5 Reasons Why You Need to Recycle Your Clothes

In the UK (and similarly in the US), we buy more fast fashion than anyone else in Europe. According to Greenpeace, the average consumer buys 60% more fast fashion than they did 15 years ago and keeps it for half as long. There are no end of reports that tell us a growing number of […]

Taking Fashion Green: The JoJo Way

At JoJo, we have always worked under the ethos of “waste not, want not” with the aim of preserving our planet for our children and theirs. In the early days of the company, recycling and free-cycling were needed across the business to maximize capital as a start-up; our Founder and MD still cycles to most meetings instead of driving and we use low-energy lighting in our stores.