Fun Facts About Squirrels

Did you know today is International Squirrel Appreciation Day? At JoJo, we have always loved celebrating our nutty woodland friends in our children’s collections. Today, we’re celebrating them on Little Extras, sharing some fun facts about squirrels to teach your kids – what they eat, how they escape predators, how they stay warm in winter […]

2019 Wrapped Up: Our JoJo Highlights

What a year! We couldn’t launch our new season collection without looking back at all the excitement of 2019. Take a look at some of our highlights in today’s blog.

Starting the JoJo Forever Forest | National Tree Week 2019

Wood you believe it? This week is National Tree Week – the UK’s largest tree celebration which takes place in November each year to mark the beginning of the winter tree planting season, and you can join in if you’re in the US too! There are lots of campaigns taking place to help tackle climate […]

Fun Facts for Kids About Penguins & Polar Bears

Winter has truly arrived, and who is probably most happy about this? The polar bears and penguins, of course! Today, we’re putting our arctic friends in the spotlight – check out our adorable collection and learn some fun facts to share with your kids when they wear their favorite penguin Christmas sweater from JoJo.