NEMA UPDATE: Cyclone Kenneth Devastates Our Communities

Last Thursday, Cyclone Kenneth hit the communities our charity Nema supports with a force never experienced before in Africa. All 16 villages are completely destroyed; over 80 people have lost their lives and 36,000 people are, right now, slowly starving and sleeping outside in torrential rain and many are badly injured. With a local team […]

Earth Day 2019: 7 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips

This Earth Day, we’re bringing you the most eco-friendly cleaning tips to guide you towards change and ultimately saving our precious planet. The Earth Day Network works year round to solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, and to broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe. This year, their campaign focuses on […]

How to Recycle Old Baby Clothes

Upon hearing that last year in the US over 10 million tons of clothing were sent to landfill, for this year’s From A Mother to Another campaign we’ve reached out to a network of partner charities to help families in your local area who really need our help. So, if you’re looking for an alternative […]

3 Ways to Treat Your Pet on National Pet Day

That’s right, April 11th is National Pet Day! You may be used to spoiling your fur baby on a daily basis, but an entire day dedicated to pets is the perfect excuse to dedicate even more time to loving and appreciating your furry friend. It’s time to send out those “Sorry, I can’t, I have plans with my dog” texts and keep reading today’s blog, written by special guest blogger Laura Morgan from our fellow B Corp business P.L.A.Y., to learn how to celebrate National Pet Day the right way with your best friend!