JoJo Volunteers: What We Do to Give Back

This week is Volunteers’ Week in the UK – a chance for us to say thank you for all the contribution volunteers make across the country. As part of the celebration, we’re sharing some of the wonderful ways our JoJo employees give back to their local communities, and in some cases, the rest of the world!  […]

Reducing Plastic Consumption: How Plastic is Damaging the Planet & What JoJo is Doing to Help

Around 70% of all litter in the oceans is made of plastic Over 700 species of marine organism, including marine mammals, birds, fish and invertebrates, are known to encounter plastic debris Numerous individuals from around 250 species are known to have become entangled in plastic debris. This includes over 50 species of marine mammals, over […]

Fun Jungle Animal Facts

Things are getting wild at JoJo this season. Our latest campaign features a bright and fun collection of jungle/ pirate themed pieces, ideal for any little adventurer. Today on the blog, we’re sharing a few fun facts about jungle animals to give your kids something to talk about when wearing their new favorite top or […]

6 Eco Friendly Laundry Tips for Earth Day

Although this Earth Day is officially dedicated to fighting plastic production, JoJo has decided to dedicate a whole month to the topic instead (coming soon). So, on this Earth Day, we’d love to share some of our best tips for making one of our most repeated household tasks – doing the laundry – more eco […]