DIY JoJo Christmas Bookmarks

JoJo’s printable Christmas bookmarks are a fun, festive activity for all the family! Our wonderful design team have created these adorable penguin, snowmen and polar bear bookmarks for you to easily make with your children on a rainy day to get creative whilst encouraging a love for reading. Adult supervision is recommended for little ones, as this activity involves cutting out and folding.


1. Scissors

2. Glue

3. An adult to help you!



1. Cut along the solid black line on the square and the scarf (penguin)/ hat (polar bear)/ body (snowman).

2. Fold the square in half along the dotted line labelled 2. Make sure the picture is on the outside.

3. On the grey side of the triangle, using only the top layer of paper, fold down the dotted 3 line, joining the red dots.

4. Fold the bottom two corners up to the top point of the triangle. This should bring the face together.

5. Tuck the corners into the ‘pocket’, behind the face by folding along the dotted ‘5’ line.

6. Glue along the black dots on the scarf, and stick to the inside of the bookmark below the face.


The more precise you are with your cuts and folds, the better your character’s face will line up!


Click here to download & print your DIY Penguin Christmas Bookmark.

Click here to download & print your DIY Polar Bear Christmas Bookmark.

Click here to download & print your DIY Snowman Christmas Bookmark.

DIY Christmas Bookmark 1
DIY Christmas Bookmark 2
DIY Christmas Bookmark 3
DIY Christmas Bookmark 4
DIY Christmas Bookmark 6
DIY Christmas Bookmark