Fun Jungle Themed DIY Party Ideas

JoJo is a tropical trove this season. Delve into the depths of our website to discover a collection of exotic jungle-themed pieces that are lots of fun for children to wear. To celebrate this month's fabulous jungle campaign, we've been getting creative at our Head Office in London, coming up with some brilliant DIY ideas for your next themed party! 

Animal hands/ feet

You’ll need:

Recycled tissue boxes, paint, black card, scissors, glue

How to:

>Empty tissue boxes

>Paint the box the color of your favorite animal

>Leave to dry

>Paint on spots/ stripes

>Or, cut out stripes from black card and glue on

>Cut out nail shapes, glue on

>Put them on your feet and go wild!


You’ll need:

Recycled toilet paper tubes, string, glue, tape, brown card/ leaves for decoration

How to:

>Glue two toilet paper tubes together

>Attach a piece of string to the two outer corners with tape

>Decorate a piece of brown card with your favorite jungle pattern

>Or gather some leaves and stick to the card

>Glue the card to the top of your binoculars

>Go on a bear hunt!

Safari Car

You’ll need:

Large cardboard box, green card, black paint, card, glue/ tape, string

How to:

>Remember when we made our JoJo taxi? Follow the instructions to make your car

>Paint the car black and add green card pieces for camouflage effect

>Write ‘Jeep’ or ‘JoJo’s Car’ on some card and stick to the back

>Attach some string to the bottom front to pull it along

>Go for a ride!

And here’s a video of our office dog, Claude, enjoying the ride!