Picnic Play with Our Favorite JoJo Products

This week, we're celebrating National Picnic Week in the UK! Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities, there's nothing better than creating a cute picnic setting for you and your child to enjoy snack time or imaginary games. Whether you have a little boy or girl, they will love kicking back on a picnic blanket and role playing with parents or friends with lots of treats, sandwiches and tea! Below, we're going to list a few of our favorite JoJo play food products that will help prepare you and your toddler for plenty of picnic fun.

The Picnic Basket with Wooden Food is our perfect solution to indoor picnic play. It comes with lots of wooden food, a mini gingham picnic blanket and a wicker basket for your little one to enjoy.



And what's a picnic without a spot of tea? Go all out with our impressive Village Fete Cream Tea Hamper - even the Queen couldn't resist delightful wooden scones, strawberries, tea and more, and it all comes presented in a quintessential wicker basket with a lovely blue gingham blanket.

Our Dotty Tin Tea Set will also make a wonderful addition to any make-believe picnic party. Containing everything your little ones need to serve up sweet tea, it comes complete with cups, saucers, a tray and kettle!

As picnics go, you wouldn't usually have burgers, corn and hot dogs to match delicate finger sandwiches and cakes, but here at JoJo we like to mix things up, so we're adding our amazing Play BBQ to the mix. Your little chef may prefer hot foods and lettuce topped burgers, so why not incorporate this set into your picnic games?

To help encourage good eating habits and healthy food choices among children, why not choose the Hape Fresh Fruit set. The sweet wooden set features kiwi fruit, a banana, orange, apple, lemon and pear, and even comes with a little wooden knife that children will love using to pretend to cut their fruit in half.

Last but not least - when it comes to food anyway! You can't forget the all-important Biscuit Set that features a yummy selection of sweet British indulgences. These wooden cookies are furnished in bright hues and look ALMOST good enough to eat. Displayed in their own box, they're easy to set up during fun pretend picnic parties in the summer.

To finish, you could choose a few of our fun JoJo food related games that will get children interacting and problem solving like the little genius they are. The Burger Stacking Game and Cake Stacking Game are perfect for encouraging dexterity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.


Now we’ve listed a few of our favourite play products, you can click the links above to get yours ready for your next day of imaginative playtime. Why not leave a comment below with which products you love from JoJo to inspire good food habits and exciting indoor play?