Upcycling: How to Reuse Old Cans & Rain Boots

Our latest campaign: Grow with JoJo, is all about development and the amazing ways that nature flourishes around us. We love the magical look on our little one's faces when they go down into the garden and see the flowers they've spent weeks watering finally bloom, and the vegetables sprouting in the community garden. What we also love, is accepting when things have been outgrown or overused and are now ready to be replaced. But, when this happens there are plenty more options than throwing an old pair of boots in the trash or tossing empty cans in the recycling bag - you can upcycle them! Upcycling means creating something new out of something old, so today on the blog we'll be demonstrating how to turn an old pair of rain boots into a flower pot and more. These are exciting activities for children to get involved in too, providing lots of fun whilst encouraging a "waste not, want not" mentality.

Recycling in your garden

Plant flowers in your old rain boots

Outgrown rain boots make a wonderful plant pot! Simply fill your old boots with compost, put in a small plant, top it up with compost, and give it a nice sprinkle of water to help it grow!

TOP TIP: If you cut a few holes in the bottom of the rain boots you will help the water to drain so your flowers don't become over-watered.

Grow herbs in upcycled tin cans

Find cans that have ring pull tops and cut a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Just add some compost and your herbs, then place them on a tray on your kitchen windowsill for easy access when you're cooking up something delicious!

Recycling in your home

Grow your own cress in egg shells


STEP 1: Take the top third off the egg shells and empty out the egg (breakfast done!)

STEP 2: After washing out the egg shells, you can start decorating with all your favorite colors and designs.

STEP 3: Wet the cotton balls, squeeze out the extra water and then carefully place one in each egg shell. Sprinkle a few cress seeds on top.

STEP 4: Sit your egg cups on the windowsill so they get lots of sunlight. In just a few days, your cress will grow. Yum!


Download one of our fun sheets for kids to fill in:

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