Fun Facts for Kids About Penguins & Polar Bears

Winter has truly arrived, and who is probably most happy about this? The polar bears and penguins, of course! Today, we’re putting our arctic friends in the spotlight – check out our adorable collection and learn some fun facts to share with your kids when they wear their favourite penguin Christmas jumper from JoJo.

1. Because they spend so much time on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean, polar bears are considered marine mammals – the only bear species to be named marine.


2. A polar bear’s snowy fur is actually translucent! It looks white because it reflects the light, but their skin is black.


3. Polar bears have specially adapted paws to help them swim. They use their paws to paddle and hold their legs up flat which helps them to swim steadily for days at a time without getting too tired.


4. A cross between polar bears and grizzly bears exists – they’re called ‘Pizzly bears!’


5. Polar bears were one of the first species to become threatened due to climate change. They are predicted to decline by 30% by 2050 – yet another reason for use to work hard on reducing our carbon footprint!


6. Emperor penguins are king of the cold. They live in Antarctica, where temperatures can drop to as low as -60 degrees – not even a JoJo polarfleece is warm enough for that!


7. When the winter kicks in, penguins will get into groups and huddle close together to share body heat and stay warm.


8. Once the female penguin lays the egg, she passes it on to the male who is in charge of keeping it safe for around 2 months when it will hatch. He has special feathered skin called a ‘brood pouch’ to keep it covered and will balance it on their feet.


9. The young penguins are left in groups called ‘crèche’ whilst their parents head to the ocean in search of food. Penguins eat fish, squid and krill.


10. If you’ve ever visited an aquarium or zoo, you’ll know that they are pro divers and super fast swimmers. They can even stay under water for up to 22 minutes.