How to Get Your Child School or Pre-School Ready

If your little one is starting kindergarten or school soon, you may be wondering what the most important skills are for them to learn before they hit this next big milestone. Today on the blog we're schooling YOU, with useful tips and advice on preparing for your child's first day of school or nursery. From making sure you have all the essentials, to teaching your little one how to dress themselves and eat independently at lunchtime - we have it all covered. 

Start with Fine Motor Skills

One of the most important places to start when getting your little one pre-school or school ready is their 'Fine motor skills'. These involve the movement and coordination of small muscles, like the hands and fingers, that are essential for mastering basic development tasks like writing, getting dressed with fiddly zippers and buttons and successfully using cutlery at mealtimes.

Here at JoJo, we offer plenty of games, tools and activities to help your child master their fine motor skills whilst having lots of fun in the meantime.

Stacking Jungle Animals,

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Stacking games are perfect for building hand-eye coordination and teaching patience.

Janod Duck Ball Hammer Toy,

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Learning to hold the simplest thing, like a toy hammer, teaches little ones how to grip and move their hands, fingers and wrists for action.

Janod Giant Alphabet Train Puzzle,

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Learning how to unhinge the carry case of this puzzle will help children get into their lunchboxes and lockers when they reach school. Plus, the puzzle gives them a head start at learning their ABCs!

Catch of the Day Fishing Set,
In the same way the hammer game encourages hand-eye coordination, this fun fishing game is great for improving your child's ability to maneuver small objects.

Nana's Manners Cutlery,

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Whether they'll be taking a packed lunch with sandwiches or sitting down with a school dinner, learning to use a knife and fork brings a whole host of benefits away from the table. Practicing using cutlery exercises the same muscles needed to perfect their pencil grip, which every kid needs to master! Nana's Manners knives and forks have been specially designed to support children in strengthening these target muscles.