Why Reading Is so Important for Children

There’s nothing more comforting to a child than getting tucked into bed, snuggling up and getting a loved one to read them a bedtime story. Not only is it a great bonding activity to help little ones unwind before bed, it will also help improve their speech and language development too! To celebrate this year’s World Book Day, today we’ll be listing a few of our all-time favorite books to read to your toddler, as well as letting all new parents know why reading to your little one is so important.

Why is it so Important to Read to Your Toddler?


1. Studies have shown that children who have stories read to them regularly show more empathy and find it easier to understand people.


2. Some stories you’ll read to your baby or toddler will be far too complex for them to understand, however, from birth to around 3 months old, your little one will be learning to focus their eyes on simple shapes. All the books you read will most likely have lots of colorful illustrations, shapes and letters to stimulate your child’s senses and allow their development to sky rocket.


3. A lot of the time, your child won’t really know what you’re saying, but reading and just hearing the sound of your voice is a soothing ritual for both the mother and baby.


4. Your baby will be eased by the sound of your voice, and will subconsciously pick up the rhythms, tones and inflections of your voice which can help them with their own speech and literacy skills as they get older.


5. Eventually, your child will develop their own imagination but until then, storytelling will be a big part of creating and encouraging this.


6. Encompassing understanding: As your child gets older, at the end of story time, stop and ask them ‘why do you think this character did that’ – this can help your child develop their understanding and vocabulary.


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