5 Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden Right Now

This season's Grow with JoJo campaign continues. Following last week’s blog ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Vegetable Patch’ where we gave 11 useful tips to help you grow your own at home, today we’re ready to put that new veg patch to work with 5 vegetable seeds you can sow right now and watch them grow through this autumn/ winter.

1. Curly Kale

This leafy green has maintained a secure spot on the superfoods list for a few years now thanks to a few celebrity endorsements. It’s packed with nutrients, is easy to cook in a variety of ways and is easy to grow too. To grow your kale, place the seeds deep in your vegetable patch; if your patch gets plenty of sun in the first few weeks and you remember to water regularly, the rest should be pretty straightforward!


2. Radish

There’s still time to sow your radish now, so it’s ready to add some crunch to your late autumn salads. French Breakfast radish can be sown from March – September so this is a good option to grow right now. It is mild and extra crunchy, making it perfect for adding to dishes either raw or cooked.


3. Turnip

Generally, Golden Ball turnips should be sown between May-July; however, you can still sow them in August if you’re planning to use the turnip tops/ greens. Both the roots and tops are high in vitamin C and are delicious when cooked as a side dish or part of a casserole.


4. Cabbage

Winter Green Cabbage is always a reliable option to plant during the autumn and winter months; so, if it seems like summer is really over, you could sow this one now. The cabbage greens should be ready to harvest between January and March – the perfect time for some scrummy bubble & squeak! When you’re sowing the seeds, try to leave around 30cm between each one, so they have plenty of space to grow.


5. Rocket

Wild Rocket is by far my favourite salad green and when you grow it yourself it tastes even better. They do need plenty of sunshine to grow so August may be a bit too late (who knows with the British weather as it stands!) but, if you happen to have a greenhouse you can still grow these leaves. Remember to water them well and keep weeds at bay to give them a better chance.


What's your little one's favourite autumn/ winter vegetable? Let us know what you'll be growing in the comments below!