How to Get a Smooth Morning Routine with Kids

If you have a toddler or more than one small child in the family, there’s no doubt you’ve had a stressful morning routine at least one day this week if not every day! Some children are difficult to motivate in the morning, especially when their favorite cartoons are on or it’s raining outside and they’re happy and snug in their pajamas with some warm milk. So, how do you get everyone dressed and happily motivated to leave the house? Today on the blog we’ve teamed up with our friend, vlogger SJ Strum, who’s sharing her hints and tips on how to make your morning routine run as smoothly as possible with small children. Watch the video below, and feel free to add a few of your own suggestions in the comments!

How to make your morning routine run as smoothly as possible:


1. Putting on some good, feel-good music will set positive vibes for the rest of the day.

Who doesn’t love a good dance around the kitchen? Get all the family involved and feel those endorphins start to circulate to set you all up for a good day.

2. Cuddles and ‘touch’ time are really important in the morning – especially if you have school kids or little ones going to pre-school.

Feeling you close will make kids feel more secure, which is important when you’re about to be separated for the day. You could have 2 minutes of cuddle time when you wake up, or simply scratch their back, rub their head or touch hands as you sit together for breakfast.

3. Get children helping out in the kitchen so they feel involved and you feel less stressed.

A simple way to do this is to keep all the kids’ cutlery, bowls, cups and bottles in a low cupboard to encourage independence. This way, older kids can easily prepare their own cereal or at least lay the table ready for you to bring drinks and food over.

4. Put the kids’ clothes on before you get yourself ready.

Dressing little ones can often be the most stressful part of the morning, so best to get it out of the way quickly! That way, you know they’re ready to go and you can take as much time as you need getting yourself dressed before heading straight out the door.

5. Create a points system of reward chart as an incentive to get things done.

‘House points’ are a great way to ensure you’re all working together for a ‘house reward’ at the end of the day. You could give a point for when everyone has their shoes on, a house point for coats – you get the drill! Making it a house rewards system rather than individual points encourages cooperation and working together, which should stop any pushing and shoving at the door.

6. Play a walk to school game!

Playing a game on the school carpool distracts children from any worries or anxiety they might have about the day ahead. It also turns something typically mundane into a really fun part of the day! You could do something as silly as choosing a dance move that you have to do all the way to the gate, or as classic as ‘I spy’ – the games are endless.

7. Accept that mornings won’t always be perfect and stress-free – especially on a Monday!