Life Hacks from the JoJo HR Team: World Mental Health Day 2019

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2019, we're sharing some useful life hacks from our HR team. Every week, on the JoJo intranet, our I.T Support Bruno uploads a new '#LifeHack of the Week' to inspire our teams and help us combat life's daily stresses. Have a read below to see what the JoJo teams have been trying to do more of to improve their mental wellbeing and let us know which is most useful, and what you would add to the list!

#LifeHack 1

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything!

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#LifeHack 2

Be a tourist in your own town! Wherever you live, explore your own community like you’re totally new to it.

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#LifeHack 3

Meditation can have a calming effect on body & mind. Even a few minutes each day can make a big difference!

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#LifeHack 4

Get moving! Physical and mental health are connected - try to eat well and find a fun activity that suits you and your schedule.

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#LifeHack 5

Spend some time with animals. Even a small interaction can cause your brain to release a happy hormone.

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#LifeHack 6

Be a kid and let your inner child take the lead. Go jump in that puddle!

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#LifeHack 7

Don't press snooze! That extra 10 minutes of fake shut-eye does more harm than good. Just get up 🙂

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#LifeHack 8

Find a new activity to help when you're feeling overwhelmed. Colouring, music, puzzles and being creative are just a few suggestions.

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#LifeHack 9

Avoid overworking and checking your emails out of hours - we all need time to unwind!

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#LifeHack 10

Make time, not excuses. Find time to catch up with friends, family and loved ones - don't be afraid to say no, but make more efforts to say yes.

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