Real Moms’ Responses to the JoJo Activewear Collection Part 2

We recently reached out to our friends at Pure Barre Westport, Connecticut to see what some of the women who train there thought of our JoJo Activewear collection. Today, Lauren shares her thoughts and experiences about working out, maternity wear and becoming a mother.

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First, congratulations on your new baby! How are you finding being a new mom again so far?

Motherhood can be overwhelming and challenging at times, as I learned with my first. Once my daughter was born, I was nervous at how I would handle two children under two. At times it has been rough- am I giving them both enough attention, enough love? But when I look at both of them and they smile at me I know I am doing something right. Becoming a mother has been the best gift and I cherish every day with my babies!


How far into your pregnancy did you continue to work out?

With my first pregnancy, I was not as active as I would have liked to have been, so when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I wanted to make sure I was much more active. Besides lifting light weights and walking, I teach barre classes at Pure Barre and continued to teach classes until 35 weeks.


What type of workouts did you do?

Walking, light weight lifting, Pure Barre.


Were there any exercises you avoided doing?

I did everything I had previously done, but modified as my belly grew bigger.


At what stage during your pregnancy did you find you needed to switch to maternity clothes?

With this second pregnancy, I had to start wearing maternity clothes much earlier than with my first. I started to wear maternity clothes during my second trimester as my body was changing quickly and my belly was starting to show.


Was it difficult to find suitable workout clothes during pregnancy?

I tend to be very particular with maternity clothes as I like for them to be comfortable but also hold everything in!  The JoJo maternity line was perfect as it met both of those needs.


What are your favorite pieces from the JoJo Activewear collection?  

The Zipper Maternity Jacket was super useful on cooler days and the Black Active Support Maternity Leggings became my go-to pair of leggings - they go with everything and offer great support!


After your baby arrived, how did you find getting back into a workout routine?

Getting back into a workout routine can be tough as you are juggling a new baby, but it helps me to get back into a normal routine. It also helps me mentally- the days can be long when you are home with kids!


Do you continue to wear your JoJo Activewear after pregnancy?



If there’s one piece of advice you could give to other women about work outs and pregnancy what would it be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself and give yourself some grace. Your body is changing and it won’t be able to do what you were doing before pregnancy. Take it one day at a time and remember that it’s ok to modify exercises if needed. It’s better to be safe and healthy than to injure yourself and the baby.


What do you hope to teach your baby about working out and healthy living?

That working out is not only beneficial physically, but it has great benefits for your mental state.


Would you recommend the JoJo Activewear collection to other women, why?

Absolutely! I loved how the activewear fit- it kept everything in but was also comfortable throughout pregnancy as my body continued to change and grow.