Stretch & Save: Our Best In-Store Maternity Leggings Offer

Finding ways to feel comfortable when you're pregnant can feel like a big task, but it can be achieved! With a few pairs of our bestselling maternity leggings, you could take your maternity wardrobe from frumpy to comfy in no time. Not only are they stretchy and cotton rich, these leggings could even inspire you to try out new styles - you can team them with bold tunic dresses, fluid oversized shirts and chunky knitwear. We have extra supportive, postnatal, supersoft, cropped, cotton rich and sporty designs for every shape and occasion. Plus, this season you can get a fantastic 25% off all maternity leggings in store every Tuesday in our Stretch & Save offer!

In 1 year we have sold over a whopping 14,500 maternity leggings! If you haven't tried them yet, we think that's a pretty good sign that you should.

Our bestselling style this year is our Cotton Rich Maternity Leggings, closely followed by the Black Bump Support Maternity Leggings and the Comfy Cotton Rich Maternity Leggings.

And have you seen the reviews?

With over 600 reviews across our maternity leggings collection, with an average of 4 ½ stars, the bestselling tag has clearly come direct from our happy customers.

Take a look at what they had to say about some of our styles:

Black Bump Support Maternity Leggings


"These are quite thin but that's great for wearing in summer under dresses or with sensible black underwear for running. They rise nice and high, up to the bra line so they don't constrict my low bump or high stomach (second trimester)...."

- Liz, 01/06/2019

"Love these leggings, they go with everything and have fit over my bump throughout my pregnancy. They do not ride up from the ankle like other brands. Ace"

- Jessica, 14/03/2019

Black Postnatal Support Leggings

"Excellent support and hold their shape for months! I loved these after my first pregnancy and used them for about a year. Bought some more after my second pregnancy - the ones I already had were still holding their shape but the material started to thin - which was to be expected after a year of continued use!"

- Natalia, 06/04/2019

"Very tight to get on but comfy once you're in them. Wouldn't use for a few weeks but after that they're great!"

- Jenny, 22/01/2019

Cotton Rich Cropped Maternity Leggings

"Strongly recommend, this is the third pair of maternity leggings I've bought from JoJo and they have lasted for a long time after pregnancy and now during a new one. Thick material and true to size."

- Liz, 30/04/2019

"Really nice pair of leggings. Really soft fabric. A bit thicker than I anticipated, especially for the summer"

- Anna, 01/06/2018

Black Supersoft Maternity Leggings

"Cannot believe I went through my first two pregnancies without these in my life!! Sooooo comfortable, so soft and feel so good over the bump! Definitely recommend to any pregnant woman and regret not getting mine sooner. Will now be living in these probably postpartum too!"

- F M, 26/05/2019

"Comfy and don't cling or fall down. I've purchased leggings from other stores cheaper or around the same price and found them annoying. These are perfect and work really well. Would recommend"

- Jenni, 30/01/2019

Black Active Support Maternity Leggings

"I tried these leggings after returning the cropped version and they are much better! The length and fitted nature of the ankles means that they do not fall down whilst running/ spinning and they are a much better design for the intensive exercise. The leggings are comfortable and flexible and are a far better fit than the cropped pair."

- K D-R, 29/05/2019

"Thank goodness for these leggings! They are comfortable for my bump yet still flattering on my legs and the material is excellent quality. I also love the mesh panels and the phone holder at the side. Overall a great product!"

- Kate, 05/05/2019

Have you tried our maternity leggings? Don't forget to leave a review, or let us know which pair you love most in the comments below!