10 Things we Love About London

London will always have those days where it feels just a little too big, loud and cold. But, it does have its perks and today we’ll be listing the top 10 reasons why us Londoners love London so very much. From parks to pubs, museums and memorable buildings, we’re kind of spoilt for choice – and we love it!

1. Brick Lane Beigel Shop

This is just one of those places that’ll leave you mesmerized. Deliciously overfilled bagels that’ll see you through sober days and drunk nights. This bagel shop is opened 24-hours a day and it’s just a fantastic place to be when all you need is a bagel.

2. Borough Market

Oh, how could you not love the array of cakes, pies and oysters swarming the streets of London? Borough market has changed in so many ways over the years and it’s lovely to see all of its quirks come to life during the busy spouts of the day.

3. St Paul’s Cathedral

Its impeccable architecture and height alone makes Londoner’s hearts swoon as they walk by. The iconic Anglican cathedral is one of London’s most recognizable landmarks and has lots of tour options available to enjoy. Think of all the royal weddings that took place there (Prince Charles & Princess Diana)!

4. St James’s Park

With its picturesque view and lots of greenery to picnic on, this park will have you feeling the vacation vibes if you’re visiting during the summer, especially when the sun is setting and its still warm outside.

5. Chinatown

For quick street food or an evening dinner this spot in central London has much to offer to locals and tourist alike. From dim sum to yakisoba, there’s almost too much to choose from when it comes to Chinatown. Tours are available to allow you to delve into the history, as well as getting up close and personal with the sounds, sights and smells of China in London.

6. London’s Music Scene

The music scene in London is famous in its own right. From the long list of London bred musicians, to countless year-round smaller gigs and larger festivals, the music scene here has a lot to offer to its varied audience. Londoners cannot complain when it comes to our infamous raves. Does anyone know where the glowsticks are?

7. The British Museum

The little and big treasures of the British Museum astonish us every time. Its modern surroundings filled with centuries worth of artefacts leave London feeling proud of what we have to showcase. Its winding staircase and array of gift shops are laced with sunshine shadows from the glass ceiling when summer is in full swing.

8. The Thames Clipper

Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing pretty London sights from a river bus tour on the Thames? Me, me I want to go! It’s something that even us locals don’t know very much about, and that’s a complete shame. It is a tad pricey, but if you’re ready to spend a day out with a friend or loved one, why not pull out all the stops while visiting some of the city’s most treasured sights.

9. Comedic Train Announcers

It’s 6, 7, 8AM and you’re grouchy, tired and probably a little sweaty because you’re surrounded by a million people. Out of the corner of your ear, you here this funny, charming voice that protrudes through the train platform. ‘Hey, ho – all aboard this traaaaain, welcome to the people all over the world, you are diamonds and pearls, the next station is gonna be Euston but we’re going all the way, so sit back, relax and enjoy your daaaaay’. How can you be grouchy in the morning after this greeting?

10. Traditional Pub Dining

There’s just too many spectacular pubs for us to list in this post, but you can imagine how long it could go on for! A traditional pub lunch and a pint to match seem like the perfect option whether the weather’s warm or cold. Switch your hearty toad in the hole during the colder months to a barrel of Pimm’s when the heat hits London town.


What do you love about London and the UK? Let us know in the comments below!