How to Recycle Old Baby Clothes

Upon hearing that last year in the US over 10 million tons of clothing were sent to landfill, for this year’s From A Mother to Another campaign we’ve reached out to a network of partner charities to help families in your local area who really need our help. So, if you're looking for an alternative to passing on your baby's clothes to friends and family members who are not in desperate need of them, throwing them in the trash (please never do this!), or giving them to the local goodwill store, think of JoJo first!


Collections in our stores begin on April 19th through to May 12th - start organizing your kids' closets now!

We're on a mission to try and prevent outgrown or unused clothing from going to waste, while helping to support families in Connecticut and New Jersey.

Through FAMTA, we aim to reduce the shocking levels of clothing waste that end up in landfill by asking customers to donate pre-loved clothing (aged 0-6yrs of any brand). Over the past 5 years, JoJo's From a Mother to Another drive has saved almost 100,000 pieces of clothing and 20,000 pairs of shoes from going to waste.

With your help and unwanted clothes, we can make a difference.

So, what can you bring to donate?

We ask that you please arrange coordinated outfits of any brand you think a family in need would love to receive as a gift this Mother's Day. Your outfits should be made up of 3 or 4 items suitable for the same size, gender and season.

Please place each outfit in a bag and label your parcel with size, sex and season. You can then deliver your package to one of our stores in Westport, Montclair, Greenwich and Hoboken between April 19 and May 12.

We will check, pack into gorgeous gift bags, ship and deliver your generous donations to our partner charities: Neighbor to Neighbor, Clothes to Kids Fairfield County, Oasis NJ and Human Needs Food Pantry.


Please do encourage friends, families and customers to donate! Every customer who donates two or more outfits will receive a $10 voucher to spend at a JoJo store, valid with a $60 minimum spend.


Further information can be found at