NEMA UPDATE: Delivering Aid to Families Hit By Cyclone Kenneth

Nema, the JoJo in-house charity has helped to facilitate aid in Mozambique to remote communities whose infrastructure and livelihoods were devastated by Cyclone Kenneth. This is the first aid these families have received, thanks to Nema and Radio Nuru – who helped co-ordinate and part-fund the project. Today, on the UN's International Day of Charity, read more to find out how we finally reached these communities and provided them with essential family packs and food to help them on their way to recuperation.

Back in July, Radio Nuru - a radio station in the Macomia district of Northern Mozambique - with support from the Nema Foundation, delivered 397 family kits containing household essentials and food to the coastal town Pequeue. This was the first help these families had received since the devastating Cyclone Kenneth hit the town back in April. That’s 3 long months of surviving with extremely limited supplies and terrible living conditions.

Less than 10 houses, of 2750, were left standing after the cyclone and the radical violence that followed, so you can imagine just how scarce supplies have been.

It took organizers 4 long attempts to finally get the first food distributions into the town, after weeks of preparing orders, negotiating and waiting for the main road to re-open.

First, the military convoy was hours late to set off, then they were asked to drive various local election candidates to different nearby towns, as transportation is still limited in the area. After multiple drop-offs, it was then too late to make the trip to Pequeue. Then, there was an attack by unknown assailants on a village they would have to pass through en route, resulting in the truck drivers refusing to make the trip at all – that was the first attempt.

On the next try, they secured some boats to help transport the kits, but shopkeepers in the local food store in Mucojo had fled after another attack took place just 1.5km away. With no security left in the town (all were occupied by the rebels), stores were closed, and they were unable to collect the food they needed.

Stormy conditions prevented the next attempt from succeeding. Then, on the final attempt, they eventually managed to load most of the kits on the boats in rainy conditions, without getting them wet.

The distribution was smooth once they arrived in the town. But, for the organizers, the trip back was not without complications – the boat they had hired broke to take them back had broken down, meaning they had to wait hours waiting on the coast to be returned. Once back on land, they drove in the dark on dangerous roads, but arrived safely back just after 8pm.

Despite the many attempts and difficult journeys, the Radio Nuru team returned home excited and thankful to have been able to assist the isolated community that received their family kits. Without help from the Nema Foundation and other local groups, this would not have been possible.

But this is just one success story - other villages hit by Cyclone Kenneth are yet to receive support.

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