Starting the JoJo Forever Forest | National Tree Week 2019

Wood you believe it? This week is National Tree Week – the UK’s largest tree celebration which takes place in November each year to mark the beginning of the winter tree planting season. There are lots of campaigns taking place to help tackle climate change and protect our animal habitats through tree planting; whether you join the Woodland Trust in spreading the word that #EveryTreeCounts or become a #TreeChampion with the Tree Council, we’d like to encourage our customers to get involved – even if you plant just one small tree in your garden! Take a read of today’s blog to learn all about our tree planting efforts at JoJo for some inspiration.


Climate change is causing damage all over the world and we are all in part to blame. Replanting trees is just one of the small ways we can each give back to the environment. Trees are not only important because they release oxygen, they also improve the quality of the air that we breathe, conserve water, preserve soil and support wildlife – all of which are a key solution to climate change.

When our CEO & Founder Laura Tenison started researching more sustainable ways to offset our carbon footprint, she discovered that planting trees would be a feasible way to achieve our targets.

Carbon offsetting is a means of compensating for the emissions that we can’t reduce from the source. For example, as a company we have offices and stores to heat, cars and shipment vans to run and boats to ship in order to keep our business running. While we can’t stop these everyday actions from happening, we can take action in other ways to make up for it.

Here’s how we started…



Back in October, Laura started collecting acorns, conkers and hazelnuts that had fallen from trees in the local area, ready for us to plant. JoJo team members were encouraged to collect what they could from their local parks or gardens too, and we collected over 500 acorns to plant.

Oaks and maples are amongst the easiest trees to grow and the best to plant – they are long-living native species that are excellent at storing carbon dioxide. If you’re unsure of which trees to plant, just look around you! Anything that is growing in your local area is a good option, and acts as proof that your tree would thrive there too. The Woodland Trust have some useful information about which trees to grow in your garden.

Bear in mind that trees can grow very large! Smaller options like Hazel, Blackthorn, Crab Apple and Goat Willow trees may be better if you don’t have a huge garden space. And don’t forget to consider your neighbours – try to picture where the roots and branches will spread before you choose your spot. The Tree Council has put together a useful handbook on tree planting planning and practice; click here to read.



Once our acorns were gathered, Laura started planting some on her property in Wales and a group of us began a “propagation station” in our London office, where we planted the rest of the shoots.

Here’s the team in action!


Our propagation station has now moved from the garden up to our roof terrace, where our shoots will grow for the next 6 months or so. We have started collecting yoghurt pots to transfer them to once they outgrow their egg pots, and in a couple of years when they grow into trees, we will plant them on our land in Wales and East Sussex, creating the JoJo Forever Forest!



1. You will need: egg boxes, lots of acorns/ seeds, soil or compost.

2. Fill the box half full of soil, then add the acorns.

3. Add more soil until they are completely covered.

4. Water them regularly and keep them in a sunny spot until they are ready to re-plant into larger pots.


Tag us if you take any photos of you and your little ones planting trees, we’d love to see!