6 Surprising Facts About JoJo Rain Boots

Our children’s rain boots are without a doubt one of our most popular products and are available in plenty of great colors and patterns to coordinate with our outerwear styles. To celebrate our exciting Puddle Jumping for Joy campaign, we’re sharing 6 surprising facts about our JoJo rain boots that you might not have known before!

Kids' Wellies

1. They’re Vegan

Did you know our rain boots are vegan friendly? They’re made using a synthetic acrylate glue and natural rubber, so there are no animal-derived substances in them.


2. Natural Rubber

Many kids’ rain boots are made from plastic, but ours are made from natural rubber, which is soft, supple, flexible and comfier for little feet than plastic rain boots.


3. Matching Accessories

Not only do we sell gorgeous rain boots, we also have a wide selection of accessories to go with them! Our rain boot liners make our plain rain boots look extra cute, available in lots of different animal character designs. And we have handy rain boot bags available to help keep cars and floors clean.


4. Anti-sweat lining

All our rain boots feature anti-sweat lining, which makes them comfortable enough for all-day wear – even after jumping in muddy puddles!


5. 12 Years

Our classic children’s rain boots are one of our oldest products. We have been selling them in the UK for 12 years now! One of our first reviews from 2014 shows how happy our customers were with this new line: “These are the best quality and value boots I have found – we’re on our third pair now, wouldn’t bother looking at any others on the market.” – Sarah, ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐


6. 19,989 Pairs

Since this time last year, we have sold a splashing 19,989 pairs of JoJo rain boots in the UK & US combined! Our Children’s Classic Rain Boots are our bestselling style in the US, followed by our Green Dinosaur Rain Boots and the Classic Striped Rain Boots.